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Local Pontefract (West Yorkshire) Landlords, Astorbush Ltd showcased in The Parliamentary Review

Director, Jonathan Spence said “We are delighted to be involved in this year’s Parliamentary Review and we hope our story is read widely”

The Parliamentary Review is an entirely apolitical publication, as demonstrated by the fact that its two co-chairmen, Lord Blunkett and Lord Pickles, once sat on different sides of the House of Commons and now do so in the Lords. The organisations who write for The Review are – for the most part – apolitical themselves, although some are unapologetically forthright with their views of certain political parties or individuals. This makes for a fascinating series of publications with articles to suit your tastes and challenge your convictions.

Astorbush is a long-established family-run property management business founded in 1984 by Roger Metcalfe. Co-director Jonathan Spence tells The Parliamentary Review how their versatile approach and resilient mindset have allowed them to remain successful, despite an unstable economic climate.

Co-chairman of The Review Lord Blunkett has already commented on the wide range and informative articles appearing in this year’s edition, stating that “The Parliamentary Review is a must for those who have the real story behind the scenes and a solid perspective for the future.”

Writing in The Review, the prime minister says that “British politics provides ample material for analysis in the pages of The Parliamentary Review.”

Astorbush’s article can be viewed here:

The Pontefract Civic Society Heritage Award

Astorbush were awarded the coveted ‘Heritage Award’ for the works carried out on the restoration of Ropergate House in Pontefract.  

This is a great achievement and recognises the contribution that Astorbush Ltd has made to improve and maintain the high street as well as ensuring that our heritage is safe guarded. 

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